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The Pilgrim Icon of Czestochowa arrived on the last day of August at the St. Josemaria Escriva Rectoral Church, and stayed there until September 4.

Because it was Saturday, it was more than an evening mass - it was a Sunday liturgy Mass and two weddings were scheduled, so the church was adorned with beautiful white flowers.

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The Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil, officially called St. Peter's Cathedral, received the Pilgrim Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa August 27 until 31.

The Cathedral is located in the heart of the city, in front of the Seminary Park and was originally built of wood around 1547; it was rebuilt in reinforced cement in the twentieth century, in neo-Gothic style.

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The Pilgrim Icon of Czestochowa spent 24 hours with the Servants of the Home of Mother. Sister Paqui with a group of sisters and missionaries had attended the celebration mass on Monday 26 in Our Lady of Czestochowa parish, and she had asked in pray to have the Icon at their home just one day.

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On May 13, 1981, Holy Father St. John Paul II toured St. Peter's Square in his papamobile blessing the faithful who gathered there. No one imagined that a renowned gunman would try to assassinate the Pontiff threatening his life.

Prayers to God and for the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary for the life of the Vicar of Christ spread throughout the world. In Guayaquil, the archbishop at the time, Bernardino Echeverria Ruiz OFM wanted to offer something special. He would build a temple to Our Lady of Czestochowa if the Holy Father would be healed.  St. John Paul II survived!

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The students of Centro de Estudios Espiritu Santo, Male section, received with great devotion the Pilgrim Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa on Tuesday, August 13. Some students were elected to attend the Holy Eucharist in Her honor, celebrated by Father Christian Morante, and 20 children gave red and white roses to the Mother of God.

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The Pilgrim Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa arrived at the Parish of Queenship of Mary and remained at the main altar adorned with flowers from August 10 to 13.

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The Pilgrim Icon returned to Ecuador, this time to visit Her children in the city of Guayaquil. Fr. Leon Juchniewicz, Polish missionary, chancellor of the Diocese of Santo Domingo and custodian of the Icon here in Ecuador, arrived with the Pilgrim Virgin of Czestochowa on Saturday, August 10, and as soon as She landed he took Her to the retirement home

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The Pilgrim Icon of the Virgin of Czestochowa ended Her visit in the Panamanian isthmus. She spent almost 10 months touring Panama City, Chitre and Colon. Angel and Carmen de Ruiz - a couple who belong to the Trinitarian Spirituality of the Children of the Mother of God were the custodians of the Icon.

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